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Voices for the Res Publica: The Common Good in Europe

26 insights from JPR's Res Publica project

Dr Jonathan Boyd

What's in the report:

After each of the round table discussions that took place as part of JPR's "Res Publica" project - in UK, Poland, Sweden, France, Germany and Holland, followed by a pan-European one - participants were invited to write short articles in which they could use their expertise and experience to reflect on an issue of their choice.

During the project, the articles were used to help promote further discussion and debate, but in this report, we have pulled them all together into a single document to showcase the range of ideas discussed, and to encourage further dialogue and debate. Together, the twenty-seven articles, written by a wide range of insightful thinkers from different national, ethnic and religious backgrounds, provide a thought-provoking analysis of contemporary European life, and encourage us to look more thoughtfully at how we might work towards a greater sense of commonality across the differences that exist.

JPR's Executive Director, Dr Jonathan Boyd, summarised the major themes and ideas that were raised during the round table discussions, as well as the twenty-six articles written by participants on some of the key issues discussed. The resulting paper explores five major themes: (1) National identity; (2) Law; (3) Status of minorities; (4) Religion; and (5) State and civil society.

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Dr Jonathan Boyd

Executive Director

Dr Jonathan Boyd

Executive Director

Jonathan has been Executive Director of JPR since 2010, having previously held research and policy positions at the JDC International Centre for Community Development in...

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