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Are you Jewish, aged 16+ and do you live in the UK? Do you want your view to help shape the future of Jewish life? Joining our panel is one of the best ways to ensure that your voice is heard and that your opinion is represented.

At the heart of JPR’s research work are thousands of British Jews, all of whom have offered to share their views with us on a range of issues that matter across the Jewish community. They live all over the country, ranging from the strictly Orthodox to the staunchly secular, and include people of all generations and modes of life – from young people still in school to retirees living in care homes, from members of the most Orthodox communities to members of mixed-religion families. They all have three things in common: they identify as Jewish, they live in the UK, and they want their voice to be included in the data we share every day with Jewish charities, representative bodies, NGOs and governmental organisations in the UK, Israel and across the world.

How to join JPR panel?

  1. Register and join more than 4,000 British Jews already on our panel
  2. Make your opinions count by completing up to 4 surveys a year on key topics
  3. Help shape the future of the Jewish community by representing Jews like yourself
Join JPR Panel

By signing up to join our UK Jewish research panel, you will be invited to participate in up to four surveys a year on a wide range of issues of concern to the Jewish community, including health and welfare, education, elderly care, synagogue life, antisemitism and Israel.

JPR has been generating data to support Jewish charities and organisations for many years. Our research panel is designed to make that task easier – more efficient, more focused and more cost-effective. By signing up, each member will have up to four opportunities a year to answer a series of questions about the issues that matter most to the community. And each time you take part, you will have a chance to win a variety of prizes that you can either enjoy yourself or pass on to family and friends.

Panel members are under no obligation to complete any survey or to answer any questions they do not wish to. Your answers are always treated in the strictest confidence, and you will never be identifiable in any published materials. But by participating, you can guarantee that your views will be shared with the many different organisations that help to create and manage Jewish life and be utilised by these organisations to serve Jewish people like you, with similar needs and interests. You can find out more on our panel FAQ page.

So please do sign up. To do so, you simply need to be Jewish, aged 16 or over, and live in the UK. Signing up does not mean you cannot continue to share your views on Twitter or Facebook, mutter your opinions under your breath, or continue to argue with friends or family around your Friday night dinner table. But if you want anyone to really listen or do something, joining our panel is a much better bet.

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