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An investment in JPR is an investment in the entire Jewish community

At JPR, we believe that all Jews should be able to live vibrant, meaningful and secure Jewish lives. We want to make sure that children have access to great educational opportunities, that those who are elderly or sick have the care they need, that all Jews can find meaningful religious and cultural services, and that Jewish community activities can always be run safely. 

But we cannot expect any of this to happen without data.

Every report we produce, every presentation we give, every insight we share, and every organisation we support, costs money. And every donation, of whatever size, helps us to fulfil our mission – to provide data about the Jewish community, for the Jewish community, and to make that data free and available to all. 

Donate to JPR


JPR’s budget comes from three main sources. First and most importantly, we are reliant on donors – in a typical year, about 75% of our income comes from generous trusts, foundations and individuals who want to see Jewish communities across Europe survive and thrive and who understand that having access to reliable data is fundamental to achieving that. Second, we raise about 10% of our annual budget from research projects which are commissioned by organisations, where we charge only for our time and any third-party costs. Third, the remaining 15% comes from an endowment we hold, from which we are entitled to draw investment income.

Our donors understand that investing in JPR is fundamental to the effective running of Jewish communities in the UK and across Europe. They know that the data and insights JPR provide form vital inputs into all communal planning processes and that it is impossible to make wise strategic decisions about how to support Jewish life without reference to our work. They see how our research is being used by organisations ranging from local Jewish schools and synagogues to multi-national bodies such as the European Commission and United Nations, and they choose to support us because they want to be part of a select group of funders known for their thoughtfulness, rigour and wisdom. If you are interested in joining them and becoming a JPR funder, please contact our Director of Operations, Richard Goldstein, at

Why donate to JPR?

Community leaders cannot know whether or not to build new schools unless they can quantify the demand for places. They cannot provide efficient elderly care services without knowing the scale of need. They cannot manage demand for religious or cultural services without understanding the size and interests of their audience. And those who seek to protect us – whether community leaders, police or government – cannot do their jobs without serious, accurate and objective assessments of the scale and nature of antisemitism. 

JPR stands at the heart of all of this. Our research is trusted and sought out by leaders and policymakers in the UK, across Europe and all over the world. In the past few years, the data we have generated have helped to guide UN and European Commission policy on combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life, support Jewish communities in their efforts to to navigate their way through the global pandemic, and shape the Jewish community’s response to the war in Ukraine. At the same time, our research has informed numerous small decisions taken at the local level – helping local councils, synagogues, schools and charities to develop better policy around the issues that directly impact Jewish people’s day to day lives.

In an unstable and uncertain world, we are finding that the demand for empirical data to anchor and guide policy is greater than ever. We are ready to meet that demand, but as a charity, we cannot do that without funding. So we are asking for your help and we are thankful for any donation you make toward our mission.

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