JPR's European Jewish Research Archive (EJRA)

JPR’s European Jewish Research Archive is a free-to-use, comprehensive repository of social research on European Jews since 1990. It holds over 4,000 research items, from over 50 European countries and in 30 different languages.

The Archive includes records of reports, journal articles, books and other materials that discuss contemporary Jewish life in Europe, and contains items written in any European language or Hebrew, accompanied by translations of key information into English whenever possible. A freely downloadable pdf for each item is included in the Archive where available.

The Archive also features specially curated collections of research items on an array of topics, including Jewish identity and community, demography, culture and heritage, education, Holocaust memorialisation and antisemitism. Other curated collections highlight the work of particularly significant researchers.

The importance of Jewish research archives

The Archive aims to consolidate research on contemporary European Jews, so that community leaders and policymakers have full access to the data they need to help them make better decisions about the future of Jewish life. It is also an essential resource for academics, researchers and students working in the field, allowing them to find and build on existing studies whilst promoting their work and helping to nurture a sense of common endeavour.

JPR also uses the holdings of the Archive to identify strengths, weaknesses and research gaps in the field, to advise foundations, research councils and governmental bodies on how to enhance research on contemporary Jewish issues. Our report, ‘Social research on European Jewish populations - The state of the field’, summarises the results of one such analysis.

The European Jewish Research Archive was built with the generous support of the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe and was originally modelled on the Berman Jewish Policy Archive (BJPA), a US-based online repository of research on contemporary Jewish communities and communal policy. Our Archive and BJPA link to each other and users are encouraged to visit each other;s website.

The Archive is an ongoing project, to which we are adding new records all the time. You can help us both by making people aware of its existence, and by providing us with information about sources that are not currently included.

For further details, contact the Project Director, Dr Keith Kahn-Harris.

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