Research expertise, analytical objectivity, passion for Jewish life

JPR's research team includes some of the world’s leading experts in contemporary Jewish life. Please click the images for more information and their latest publications.

Associate fellows

Yonatan Ariel
Adjunct faculty member at the Melton Center for Jewish Education, Hebrew University, with expertise in contemporary Jewry, educational policy and Israel education.

Professor Eliezer Ben-Rafael
Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Tel Aviv University, with expertise in the Belgian Jewish community.

Dr Michał Bilewicz
Associate Professor, Center for Research on Prejudice, Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw, with expertise in the Polish Jewish community.

Dr Chantal Bordes-Benayoun
Director of Research, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), University of Toulouse with expertise in the French Jewish community.

Professor Sergio DellaPergola
The Shlomo Argov Chair in Israel-Diaspora Relations (Emeritus) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with expertise in global Jewish demography and the Italian Jewish community.

Professor Lars Dencik
Senior Professor of Social Psychology at Roskilde University in Denmark, with expertise in the Swedish, and wider Scandinavian Jewish communities.

Dr Catherine Fieschi
Director, Counterpoint, Fellow at the Department of Government at LSE, with expertise in extremism, populism, civil engagement and social innovation.

Mark Gardner
Chief Executive Officer at the Community Security Trust, UK, with expertise in contemporary antisemitism.

Dr Olaf Glöckner
Researcher, Moses Mendelssohn Centre for European-Jewish Studies in Potsdam (MMZ) with expertise in the contemporary German Jewish community.

Dr Erich Griessler
Head of Research Group, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, with expertise in the contemporary Austrian Jewish community.

Professor András Kovács
Professor of Jewish Studies, Central European University, Budapest, with expertise in minority identities, prejudice, antisemitism, and sociology of the contemporary Hungarian Jewish community.

Dr Joanna B. Michlic
Social and cultural historian at University College London, with expertise in antisemitism and nationalism in Poland and history and memory of the Holocaust in post-communist Europe.

Ari Paltiel
Demographer and lecturer at the Braun School of Health & Community Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with expertise in sociodemographic research and mortality statistics.

Dr Mark Tolts
Senior Research Associate, Division of Jewish Demography and Statistics, Avraham Harman Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with expertise in the demography of the FSU.

Dr Martina Weisz
Research Fellow, The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (SICSA), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with expertise in the contemporary Spanish Jewish community.

Michael Whine MBE
Senior Consultant at the World Jewish Congress, and UK Member of ECRI at the Council of Europe, with expertise in antisemitism and political and religious extremism.

Dr Hanna van Solinge
Senior Researcher, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), The Hague, with expertise in households and families, the elderly, and the contemporary Dutch Jewish community.