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Antisemitism in the UK Survey - Is antisemitism in the United Kingdom rising? How do members of the UK Jewish community perceive this threat in 2023? How does that compare to results from five years ago? And how does the UK compare to other countries across the Channel? Since 2012, the European Commission's Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) has invited Jews across the European Union to report about their perceptions and experiences of antisemitism and of being Jewish where they live. Since the UK is no longer part of the EU, as it was when JPR and FRA previously held this survey in 2018 and 2012, we held the survey in Britain in 2023 so that leaders and policymakers in the UK can compare its findings to past results, as well as to the results in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden. 


JPR's National Jewish Identity Survey - designed to provide in-depth information about Jews in the UK and will allow community leaders and anyone in a position to improve policymaking for the Jewish community, to compare Jewish life now with life as it was over a decade ago when we last reported on this topic, the survey covered a spectrum of Jewish experiences across the British community, including attitudes towards Jewish education, observance of kashrut, synagogue attendance and Jewish family life. The results will help policymakers determine where new schools are needed, what Jewish values need fostering and what are the essential needs of Jews across the country, among other things.


The lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on Jewish life in the UK - JPR's panel's second annual survey focused on the members' experiences of Jewish life in the UK, regardless of how strongly or weakly attached to the community they may feel. It covered a variety of topics, from participating in community events to opinions on climate change, but with a special focus on the ways in which the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic affected the community members' life as Jewish people living in the UK.


The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Jewish community - The coronavirus pandemic has affected people’s physical and mental health, their social lives and relationships, their working and living circumstances and their finances. JPR's first-ever panel survey was designed to ensure that Jewish charities have some facts and figures to draw on to inform their efforts to help community members and organizations, focusing on four main themes: economics, health, relationships, and perhaps most importantly, Jewish life.

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