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Where Jewish votes may matter most

JPR guide to the 2015 UK General Election

Dr Jonathan Boyd

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As election fever hots up in the UK, we take a close look at some of the statistics from the twenty constituencies around Britain that hold the largest Jewish populations, in order  to provide some empirical data and background information about some of the key dynamics in these areas.

Whilst Jews represent about 0.5% of the UK's population, there are sizeable groups in a number of constituencies, particularly in and around parts of Greater London and Manchester. There is no evidence to suggest Jews vote in any way as a bloc, but their votes, like all people's, may particularly matter in 2015, as the polls show the two main parties running more or less neck-and-neck.

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Dr Jonathan Boyd

Executive Director

Dr Jonathan Boyd

Executive Director

Jonathan has been Executive Director of JPR since 2010, having previously held research and policy positions at the JDC International Centre for Community Development in...

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