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Jews and Jewry in contemporary Hungary: Results of a sociological survey

Antisemitic prejudices and the dynamics of antisemitism in a post-communist era

András Kovács

What's in the report:

This report discusses the results of a sample survey of contemporary Hungarian Jewry conducted by the Institute for Minority Studies at Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest. The research was initiated and directed by Professor András Kovács and carried out by a research group (Róbert Angelusz, János Ladányi and Róbert Tardos). The study examined a wide variety of demographic, social and cultural issues, including Jewish identity and practices, as well as respondents’ ideological, social and economic attitudes.

Understanding generational changes in the social position of Hungarian Jews was among the survey’s main research goals, as was determining the current social and economic position of Jews within Hungarian society. Monitoring the attitudes of contemporary Hungarian Jews concerning their own Jewish origins, as well as Jews and Judaism in
general, constituted another goal.

Yet another objective was to ascertain the extent to which Hungary’s Jews involve themselves in organized Jewish community life. Finally, the survey aimed to look at how Hungarian Jewry views antisemitism and its own relations with the non-Jewish population as well as attitudes towards Israel and the impact of the Holocaust.

The results of the survey have already been published in Hungary The English version published here has been edited, mainly by adding background information to make the findings more comprehensible and relevant to a wider, non- Hungarian,readership.

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