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The future of Jewish schooling in the United Kingdom

A Strategic assessment of a faith-based provision of primary and secondary school education

Oliver Valins Barry Kosmin Jacqueline Goldberg

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Jewish day schools are flourishing. While the UK Jewish population has shrunk by over 25 per cent since the 1950s, the number of children attending Jewish day schools has grown by 500 per cent. However, at the same time, Jewish day schooling is at a crossroads. It faces new challenges in adapting to the fast-changing social, political and educational environment of the twenty-first century.
This report examines key performance data, including national examination results and OFSTED inspection reports. It also includes data from in-depth interviews with education providers and parents throughout Britain.

The book analyses the strengths and weaknesses of full-time Jewish day schooling from a policy perspective. It attempts to answer key policy questions. Do Jewish day schools - as an example of faith-based schooling - work? To what extent do they meet the needs of pupils, parents, sponsors, Jewish communities and the wider society?

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Jacqueline Goldberg

Jacqueline Goldberg

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