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The Aesthetics of Hate Music

There are important consequences for our understanding of music and hate

11 May 2004 Dr Keith Kahn-Harris

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The expression of hatred in music is, for many people, something intrinsically worrisome. From Nazi skinhead music to homophobic reggae, hate music seems to demand close watching at least and direct censorship at most.

This is perfectly understandable given contemporary concerns about hate speech and in many ways, the desire not to let hate-filled music pass without comment is a laudable one. However, this report argues that the terms of the debate about hate and music are all too frequently rooted in certain, very questionable, ideas about musical aesthetics and that as a consequence some of the complexities surrounding issues regarding hate and music tend to be ignored.

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Dr Keith Kahn-Harris

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Keith Kahn-Harris

Senior Research Fellow

Keith Kahn-Harris has been Project Director of the European Jewish Research Archive since its inception in 2014, managing the collection process and analysing its holdings...

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