How the conflict in Israel and Gaza affects Jews in the UK and what you can do about it

More than seven out of ten Jews in the UK have family in Israel, making the horrific 7 October attack by Hamas personal

Dr Jonathan Boyd

In this factsheet:

As Israel and Jewish communities around the world are reeling following the almost unfathomably barbaric attack on innocent Israeli civilians by Hamas on 7 October 2023, this factsheet is designed to help minimise the risks of an antisemitic backlash.

Some of the key findings in this factsheet:

  • Among Jews in the UK, 71% have family living in Israel and almost 90% have visited the country at least once, making the October 7 attacks feel deeply personal.
  • Past flare-ups between Israel and Gaza, in 2009, 2014 and 2021, were accompanied by clear spikes in the number of antisemitic incidents taking place in the UK
  • 56% of Jews in the UK said they felt such criticism during the May 2021 conflict in Gaza made them feel Jews were unwelcome in the UK, and 73% said they felt non-Jews held them responsible in some way for Israel’s actions
  • 12% of adults across Great Britain harbour deep, ideological hatred towards Israel, and 56% hold at least one anti-Israel idea that a majority of Jews in the UK would characterise as antisemitic

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Dr Jonathan Boyd

Executive Director

Dr Jonathan Boyd

Executive Director

Jonathan has been Executive Director of JPR since 2010, having previously held research and policy positions at the JDC International Centre for Community Development in...

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