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Major Jewish educational challenges

Major Jewish educational challenges

UJIA's annual Jewish education conference featured JPR's research, with Census and National Jewish Community Survey data being used to explore key issues facing Jewish educational institutions going forward.

In a unique presentation, JPR's Executive Director used the data to explore four major questions: (i) how the growth of the haredi sector will affect both the content and form of Jewish education across the field; (ii) what role Jewish schools and educational organisations should play in light of the population decline in the Jewish mainstream sector; (iii) what should be the key Jewish educational priorities in a community with such an unusual age structure; and (iv) how Jews understand their identities today, and what values and behaviours ought now to be prioritised in Jewish education.

Dr Jonathan Boyd commented: "It is abundantly clear from the data now available that the British Jewish community is going to face some highly significant educational challenges going forward. UJIA should be applauded for ensuring these issues are starting to be aired, but much more needs to be done if they are to be tackled seriously."

23 May 2014 - Major Jewish educational challenges

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