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Educators consider new data

Educators consider new data

UJIA's annual conference on research in Jewish education included a new JPR presentation looking at how new Office for National Statistics data help to inform educational policy in the UK Jewish community.

The presentation, given by JPR's Executive Director, Dr Jonathan Boyd, demonstrated that small area statistics from the UK Census allow educational policy makers to analyse the changing nature of the Jewish population in school catchment areas, and make projections for the future. They are also able to monitor the size of the cohort of Jews born in any given academic year, thereby providing vital baseline data with which to assess increasing or declining participation levels in educational initiatives.

Jonathan was also involved in a debate with Barbara Lerner Spectre, the founding director of Paiedeia, the European Institute of Jewish Studies in Sweden, about the role of education in the development of Jewish life in Europe.

Educators consider new data - 23 May 2013