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JPR at BAJS conference

JPR at BAJS conference

JPR's work on the 2011 Census data formed the basis of a major keynote lecture at the British Association for Jewish Studies annual conference at the University of Kent.

The lecture, given by JPR's Executive Director Dr Jonathan Boyd, offered the most comprehensive public view of the Census data so far, outlining both what it tells us about the current state of the British Jewish community, and the way in which the JPR team investigates the data.  As a central part of the programme examining "Memory, Identity and the Boundaries of Jewishness", it also considered the question of who is - and who is not - included in the Jewish data, bearing in mind the voluntary nature of the religion question.

Commenting after the event, BAJS President, Professor Larry Ray, said the lecture "stimulated a great deal of debate" and had been widely regarded by participants as one of the highlights of the three-day programme.

JPR at BAJS conference - 09 Jul 2013