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2016 saw hate go mainstream, in 2017 we must unite Publication:Jewish News
Date:29 December 2016
93 percent of UK Jews give to charity! Publication:Jewish News
Date:24 March 2016
A continental shift in population Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:12 April 2017
Aliyah from Europe unaffected by Israel’s security situation – study Publication:The Times of Israel
Date:13 January 2017
Aliyah from Europe unaffected by Israel’s security situation, study finds Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:13 January 2017
Aliyah up but no sign of exodus from Europe Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:13 January 2017
All aboard the synagogue for all comers Publication:The Times
Date:5 August 2017
no image available
Anti-Semitism isn't worse among people with left-wing views, study finds Publication:International Business Times
Date:13 September 2017
Are shuls catering for all members? Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:31 July 2017
Belonging to a shul matters Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:6 July 2017
Beware of fishy survey methods Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:31 August 2017
no image available
Britain has an anti-Semitism problem. Here are the numbers that prove it Publication:The Spectator
Date:13 September 2017
British Jewish school enrollment rises while population shrinks Publication:Arutz Sheva
Date:24 November 2016