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Record numbers attending Jewish faith schools as Orthodox numbers grow Publication:National Secular Society
Date:21 November 2016
Why British Jews marry outside the faith less than American ones Publication:The Economist
Date:9 July 2016
The loneliness of Ken Livingstone Publication:The Economist
Date:7 May 2016
No room for complacency Publication:The Economist
Date:22 September 2017
Rise in numbers of Jews leaving for Israel from some European countries Publication:The Guardian
Date:12 January 2017
What’s behind the rising popularity of Jewish education in the UK? Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:17 November 2016
Synagogue membership in UK drops to all-time low, survey finds Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:5 July 2017
EU agency to launch major antisemitism survey in 2018 Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:14 December 2017
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Sir Eric Pickles: Without Jews, Britain Would Not Tick Properly Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:22 March 2018
Aliyah up but no sign of exodus from Europe Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:13 January 2017
Campus debates on Israel ‘intimidating and toxic’ Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:9 December 2016
Study finds 23,000 with learning disabilities Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:17 February 2017
The unstoppable rise of Jewish schools Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:17 November 2016
Numbers aren't the only story Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:27 October 2016