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93 percent of UK Jews give to charity! Publication:Jewish News
Date:24 March 2016
Slow erosion of middle-of-the-road Orthodox Judaism Publication:Jewish News
Date:6 July 2017
One-in-four Jews marry out Publication:Jewish Telegraph
Date:7 July 2016
Study finds British Jewish school enrollment rises while population shrinks Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:23 November 2016
Aliyah from Europe unaffected by Israel’s security situation, study finds Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:13 January 2017
Study: 1 in 4 British Jews intermarry, half the rate of US Jews Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:6 July 2016
UK synagogue membership at lowest since ’90 Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:5 July 2017
British Muslims twice as likely to espouse anti-Semitic views, survey suggests Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:12 September 2017
no image available
Record numbers attending Jewish faith schools as Orthodox numbers grow Publication:National Secular Society
Date:21 November 2016
Why British Jews marry outside the faith less than American ones Publication:The Economist
Date:9 July 2016
The loneliness of Ken Livingstone Publication:The Economist
Date:7 May 2016
No room for complacency Publication:The Economist
Date:22 September 2017