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Synagogue Membership in the United Kingdom in 2016; a new report Publication:eJewish Philanthropy
Date:9 July 2017
Synagogue membership in UK drops to all-time low, survey finds Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:5 July 2017
Synagogue report tells a tale of two Jewish communities Publication:The Times of Israel
Date:12 July 2017
Terror wave isn't affecting immigration to Israel Publication:Arutz Sheva
Date:14 January 2017
The case for the New Jewish High School Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:23 March 2017
The loneliness of Ken Livingstone Publication:The Economist
Date:7 May 2016
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The Next 'Exodus?' Jews Moving Out of France, Italy, Belgium To Israel At Large Rates Publication:International Business Times
Date:13 January 2017
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The UK's anti-Semitism problem Publication:International Business Times
Date:19 September 2017
The unstoppable rise of Jewish schools Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:17 November 2016
The view from the data: Do we spend too much on bnei mitzvot? Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:22 February 2018
Third of Britons ‘hold one antisemitic view’, survey finds Publication:The Times
Date:13 September 2017
This is why I didn’t make aliyah Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:11 May 2017
To see the good, we need to know one another Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:4 October 2017
UK synagogue membership at lowest since 1990 Publication:The Times of Israel
Date:6 July 2017
UK synagogue membership at lowest since ’90 Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:5 July 2017