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Judaism your way, whatever that is Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:23 December 2016
Labelling Jews may do more harm than good Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:29 May 2018
Let Jews define what it means to be Jewish Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:9 June 2016
Major antisemitism survey will assess Jew-hate in Europe Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:10 May 2018
Many sides to intermarriage Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:7 July 2016
More Jews are intermarrying Publication:Church Times
Date:15 July 2016
More than one in four Brits 'hold anti-Semitic attitudes' Publication:Evening Standard
Date:13 September 2017
More than one in four UK Jews now intermarried Publication:Arutz Sheva
Date:7 July 2016
No drama, no evasions - our report on antisemitism is just pure, hard empiricism Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:12 September 2017
No room for complacency Publication:The Economist
Date:22 September 2017
Number of pupils taking Modern Hebrew at five-year high Publication:Jewish News
Date:15 December 2016
Numbers aren't the only story Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:27 October 2016