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What works in Jewish education?

Senior Research Fellow, Dr David Graham, presented a groundbreaking pilot seminar in July looking at the impact of Jewish educational programmes on the Jewish identities of Jews in Britain. …read more

The continuity/innovation polarity

As part of JPR's Community Futures initiative, Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, Executive Director of JHub, investigated the tension between communal continuity and social entrepreneurship. …read more

JLC considers JPR Census findings

JPR is currently in close contact with the Jewish Leadership Council to ensure that both its Executive and Council of Members are fully briefed on the data emerging from our work on the Census. …read more

JPR at BAJS conference

JPR's work on the 2011 Census data formed the basis of a major keynote lecture at the British Association for Jewish Studies annual conference at the University of Kent. …read more

JPR co-hosts book launch at JW3

JPR co-hosted the book launch of Jews in Britain at one of the first test events of JW3 - the brand new Jewish Community Centre in London scheduled to open its doors to the public in September 2013. …read more

What do Jews in Britain think about Israel?

JPR's study of the attitudes of Jews in Britain towards Israel shows a population with deep ties and strong attachments to the country. Heavily committed to Israel's security, they are equally eager to see Israel's government make responsible concessions in the quest for peace. …read more

JPR at the BSA

Dr Jonathan Boyd was a speaker at the British Sociological Association conference in central London in June, focusing on how Census data can be utilised to understand the changing face of Jewish life in Britain. …read more

Denominationalism in UK Jewry

JPR's 'Community Futures' initiative, which brings together some of the country's top Jewish educational thinkers, engaged in a thought-provoking debate about denominationalism with Masorti CEO, Matt Plan. …read more