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Nature or nurture?

JPR's "Community Futures" programme reconvened for the first time after the summer, with Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum of the London School of Jewish Studies facilitating a discussion about nature and nurture. …read more

JPR supporting Manchester planning

JPR's Executive Director travelled to Manchester in October to meet with senior representatives of key Jewish organisations there to share with them some of our key insights from the 2011 Census. …read more

New report explores aliyah from UK

As part of JPR’s ongoing work to interpret the data from the 2011 UK Census, a new report examining aliyah from the UK was published in October 2013. …read more

JPR at JW3

JPR will be featuring again in the launch season of JW3 – London’s new Jewish community centre – with a unique programme in European Jewish history. …read more

Aliyah from the UK

32,594 Jews have migrated to Israel from the UK since the establishment of the state in 1948, constituting one per cent of all immigrants to the country in that period. But what impact has this had on Israel's population, and, equally importantly, on the British Jewish community? JPR's report on the subject, written in collaboration with Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, investigates. …read more

What concerns Jewish students?

Concern about antisemitism and anti-Zionism on British campuses has been a major issue in the British Jewish community for many years. JPR's national survey of Jewish student identity found that whilst there is unquestionably cause for concern, it is important to understand the issue in the larger context of student life as a whole. …read more

JPR Director at Limmud South Africa

JPR's work was one of the star attractions at Limmud South Africa this month, with Executive Director Jonathan Boyd presenting at events in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. …read more

Is the future haredi?

JPR’s third report based on the 2011 UK National Census data, which was published in July, follows the most recent release of data by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which covers age and sex by religion. …read more