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Seder Night becomes Data Night

JPR’s Passover seder discussion guide “Data Night” received high praise from across the UK Jewish community and was used around seder tables across the Jewish world. …read more

Vision 2020 conference

Dr Jonathan Boyd, gave the opening presentation at the Board of Deputies conference "Vision 2020: Leading British Jewry into the Future", sharing several key insights from JPR's current research programme. …read more

JPR "open for business"

JPR's research work featured prominently in a keynote presentation delivered at the annual conference of the Association of Headteachers of Jewish Schools. …read more

New offices for JPR

After five years in Oxford Circus, JPR has relocated to Camden Town in order to cut expenditure and provide a more cost-effective service to our clients. …read more

JPR at 'Gamechangers'

JPR's research featured prominently in the Jewish Leadership Council's new 'Gamechangers' programme - a major new initiative designed to cultivate senior lay leadership for the UK Jewish community. …read more

Jewish life in the UK

JPR's ongoing programme examining Jewish life in the UK is strongly focused on the 2013 National Jewish Community Survey (NJCS), the first national study of its kind since 1995. …read more

Major new UK survey launched

JPR's new National Jewish Community Survey demonstrates that younger Jews are more religious than older Jews, the traditional middle-ground is shrinking, and people are moving away from religiosity. …read more

Who are today’s British Jews?

Synagogue attendance data offer an important insight into how Jews live their lives today. But to what extent is synagogue attendance a critical feature of contemporary Jewish identity? JPR’s National Jewish Community Survey explores this in a variety of ways, and presents some intriguing and challenging hypotheses. …read more