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Who are today’s British Jews?

Who are today’s British Jews?

Synagogue attendance data offer an important insight into how Jews live their lives today. But to what extent is synagogue attendance a critical feature of contemporary Jewish identity? JPR’s National Jewish Community Survey explores this in a variety of ways, and presents some intriguing and challenging hypotheses.

This 2013 survey contains landmark data on Jews in the UK today. It includes new statistics on Jewish identity, intermarriage, Jewish education, charitable giving and health, care and welfare. Together with data on Jews from the UK Census, it constitutes part of the largest data pool ever gathered on Jews in the UK.

Based on the largest sample of Jewish households ever constructed, the survey is designed to play a key role in JPR’s ongoing work to provide data to help Jewish charities and organisations plan for the future.

This report is the first in a series of reports based on the NJCS data. It provides some preliminary findings from the study, focusing on six major areas: generational differences between Jews; denominational switching; intermarriage; Jewish education; charitable giving; and health, care and welfare.

Each of these areas, and others, will be explored in greater depth in future publications, and JPR’s research team is also available to utilise the data to produce bespoke reports for Jewish charities, synagogues and schools. To find out about how the data could help your organisation, and the costs involved, contact us at

To download a copy of the report, click here

29 Jan 2014 - Who are today’s British Jews?