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Recent additions to the archive

Author: Casale Mashiah, Donatella   Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Conservative / Masorti Judaism | Denominations | Denominations: Statistics | Haredi / Strictly Orthodox Jews | Main Topic: Identity and Community | Orthodox Judaism | Reform/Liberal/Progressive Judaism | Synagogue Membership | Synagogues

This study takes an in-depth statistical look at synagogue membership figures in the UK. It finds that despite the fact that there are now 454 synagogues in the UK, synagogue membership numbers have dropped below 80,000 households for the first time since records began.

Author: National Union of Students   Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) | Main Topic: Education | Politics | Student Organisations | Students

This report summarises the findings of a survey of Jewish students conducted between November 2016 and February 2017. It aimed to take stock of the experience of Jewish students in higher education at a time when anti-Semitic incidents have increased.

Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Demography | Diaspora | Globalisation | Israel-Diaspora Relations | Jewish Community | Jewish Education | Jewish Future | Jewish Identity | Jewish Status | Main Topic: Other | Religious Observance | Strategic Planning

In February 2016, the 2nd Matanel Think Tank met in Pomezia, Italy to discuss the future of European Jewry. The attendees reresented more than ten European countries, and diverse cultural backgrounds and religious denominations.

Author: Staetsky, L. Daniel   Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Demography | Jewish Schools | Main Topic: Education | Secondary Schools | Statistics

This study, which was commissioned by Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS), takes an in-depth statistical look at the demand for places for Jewish secondary schools in London over the past few years, and makes key projections for the future.

Author: Dencik, Lars   Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Jewish Perceptions of Antisemitism | Main Topic: Antisemitism | Surveys

This paper combines and compares the results of two major but differently focused cross-national surveys on antisemitism: The 2012 European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) survey and 2013 the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) survey, In this presentation a special focus will be on Sweden.

Author: Staetsky, L. Daniel   Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Aliyah | Antisemitism | Demography | Emigration | Main Topic: Demography and Migration

An in-depth analysis of Jewish migration to Israel from selected European countries. Are recent developments in migration to Israel in any way unusual. In short, are Jews leaving  Europe? And, if so, what prompts them to do so? Does antisemitism play a role?

Author: Likhachev, Vyacheslav   Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Discourse | Antisemitism: Monitoring | Hate crime | Main Topic: Antisemitism

This preliminary report outlines statistics on antisemitic attacks and vandalism in Ukraine in 2016. It also details instances of antisemitic discourse and hate speech.

Author: Sapiro, Philip   Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): Census | Demography | Geography | Haredi / Strictly Orthodox Jews | Jewish Neighbourhoods | Main Topic: Demography and Migration | Orthodox Judaism

This paper demonstrates that there are distinct socio-economic and demographic differences between Jewish groups in different areas, not fully attributable to the underlying mainstream social geography, whilst also identifying a strong degree of spatial clustering.

Author: Kranz, Dani   Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): Diaspora | Immigration | Israel-Diaspora Relations | Israeli Expatriates | Main Topic: Identity and Community | Russian Emigration | Russian-Speaking Jews

This paper explores the life-worlds of German Jews and Displaced Persons (DPs) and their descendants (“local Jews”); Russian Jews and their children who came to Germany in the 1990s; and Israelis who arrived in the 2000s.

Author: Boyd, Jonathan   Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Main Topic: Education | Student Organisations | Students

This study is based on qualitative data gathered in focus groups held in early 2016 in several UK cities. It builds on the findings of the 2011 JPR study of Jewish students, the first in-depth look at Jewish student life in the UK.