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Recent additions to the archive

Antisemitic Incidents January–June 2016

Author: Community Security Trust
Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): UK, Antisemitism, Antisemitism monitoring

CST recorded 557 antisemitic incidents across the UK in the first six months of 2016, an 11 per cent increase on the first six months of 2015. This is the second-highest total CST has ever recorded for the January–June period of any year. CST has been recording antisemitic incidents since 1984.

A Survey of Jewish Museums in Europe

Author: Sion, Brigitte
Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): Europe, Jewish Museums

The goals of the Foundation in conducting this survey were manifold: we aimed to generate a comprehensive picture of the Jewish museum landscape across Europe, and to identify the most pressing issues, challenges and needs faced by these institutions. We wanted to learn about the mission, philosophy…

Jews in couples: Marriage, intermarriage, cohabitation and divorce in Britain

Author: Graham, David
Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): UK, Intermarriage, Mixed marriages, Divorce, Marriage

Intermarriage has long been a concern for Jewish community leaders and members. Many have commonly interpreted it as deeply corrosive to Judaism, arguing that it erodes Jewish identity and causes the contraction of the Jewish population. Yet, remarkably, much of the debate about intermarriage in the…

Public Faith and Finance: Faith responses to the financial crisis

Author: O’Toole, Therese
Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): UK, Finance, Poverty, Jewish Organisations, Jewish-Non-Jewish Relations, Care and Welfare

This report looks at how faith organisations have been responding to the impact of the financial crisis and the politics of austerity. It is based on a scoping survey of the work of 90 faith organisations and 13 case studies of faith-based initiatives, conducted by a research team based in the Centr…

Vicarious Group Trauma among British Jews

Author: Fuhr, Christina
Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): UK, Interviews, Trauma, Holocaust

Given that literature on the intra- and inter-generational transmission of traumas is mainly based on secondary literature and focuses on the transmission of trauma memory in terms of the historical knowledge of group trauma, this article develops the theory of vicarious group trauma and tests this…

Relazione sui principali episodi di antisemitismo in Italia nel 2014
(Report on major incidents of anti-Semitism in Italy in 2014)

Author: Osservatorio Antisemitismo
Publication year: 2015
Topic(s): Italy, Antisemitism, Antisemitism monitoring

La presente “Lettera di informazione” riassume i principali casi di antisemitismo e di pregiudizio antiebraico registrati in Italia nel 2014. • Nel 2014 l’“Osservatorio antisemitismo” della Fondazione CDEC ha registrato una novantina di episodi di antisemitismo, un numero nettamente superiore a quel…

Judaïsme et homosexualité. Entretien avec Frank Jaoui, porte-parole du Beit Haverim
(Judaism and homosexuality. An interview with Franck Jaoui, a spokesperson for Beit Haverim)

Author: Gross, Martine
Publication year: 2012
Topic(s): France, Homosexuality, Jewish Community, Jewish Organisations, Jewish Identity

Dans la société française contemporaine, laïque et souvent considérée hostile aux regroupements sur une base « communautaire », le Beit Haverim (« Maison des Ami-e-s » en hébreu) représente une association originale. Créée à la fin des années 1970, ce groupe juif homosexuel parisien s’inscrit d’abor…